Support Services

Support Services and Social Workers

Our Aboriginal Mentors and support workers provide guidance, education and training workshops to Aboriginal males to assist them on their journey into employment pathways. 

Our objective is to break the cycle of hopelessness by acting as a stable & supportive family for people to come to and we will work together to realign individuals with their inner self, as well as providing opportunities to obtain trade skills in a holistic and cultural environment.

By providing this family like support network we are helping to address poverty, sickness, destitution, helplessness, distress, suffering and misfortune among Aboriginal people through the process of supporting social and economic development.

We provide not only cultural support and leadership services, we also teach our trade skills technique, and provide a place for Aboriginal males to come and reconnect with themselves through the support of our land. 

We run a variety of programs such as our Men’s Healing Retreat, Prevention Before Punishment Program and a reset trade workshop. 

Our programs include activities such as Aboriginal dot painting, Didgeridoo sessions, land-care management, fireside talks with Elders, truth telling sessions in yarning circles, ongoing mentor leadership, and teaching of trade skills. 

Our goal is to reduce the number of Aboriginals in prisons and detention centres in the Southeast and southwestern areas of Queensland. 

Our aim is to break the cycle and provide long term employment opportunities and ongoing mentor led support to Aboriginal males.

Through this process of healing and connection we are able to grow our trade service team to show our skills in the concreting and civil construction sector.